Re: No blood for testing - now what?


-Have you tried Soft Ride boots. I just bought new ones for El Dazo
and when I talked to Debbie she mentioned they have the boots in
small enough sizes for minis. Her phone #is 1 866 763 8743 or The boots will make your donkey so much more
comfortable. Talk to her about the size before you order. I've
found she is very helpful.
Mary Sutliff

-- In EquineCushings@..., Suzanne Clothier <clothier@...>

Thank you for the advice. As noted in my original email, one
is thrombosed, and despite clipping and 6-8 sticks, could not get
than 4 mls from the remaining cephalic.

We will add the heat packs as suggested, and have put APF into the
Finding boots to fit a donkey - not been successful so far. Donkey
hooves are shaped differently.

Dosage on j-herb and/or AAKG and/or ginseng for her??

Suzanne & Shrimp

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