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again, sorry for not editing this shorter.

second person i talked to says the NFC is less than 10%.

he can not give me numbers for sugar or starch, but says?the NSC?is less than 10%.? he can NOT gaurantee this.? other woman had said starch was 6-7 %....

this is not recommended for replacing all, or most hay.? he did suggest this, plus the "stay strong metabolic mineral" = vitamens, minerals, low starch, low calorie, probiotics and yeast cultures.

if horse is easy keeper, he suggests senior glo: 12% NSC.

he says nutrena safe choice is actually 30% NSC....????!!!

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We talked briefly about this one last year. Check message archives #76615. Then fast forward to #80476 on 8/31/06. Then starting with Lisa's message #80505 and progress forward through the dialog including 80514, 80517, 80519 and 80523.
Again in April '07 #90551.
I think basically if someone wants to use this feed or at least consider it, they should buy one bag and send in a sample to Equi-analytical. It might help several people out since this topic has come up several times.
I don't quite understand how it can be a hay replacer since it lists soybean hulls and wheat middlings as the first two ingredients. Sounds more like a feed, as a carrier for our supplements of course if you can't use beet pulp. But nothing to compare to Sterrett's, ODTB cubes or TC Safe Starch Forage all of which are a chopped or pelleted hay with the additional nutrients incorporated.
I never was able to get a straight answer when I contacted them. There is a lot of confusion with these feed companies when you ask NSC (old term), sugar and starch. They give you one of the figures and claim it is the whole NSC total. This keeps happening over and over.
I'm hoping Eleanor can get somewhere with her email asking for the ESC, starch, iron, magnesium, etc.
Kathy Saucier

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