Why not go straight to pergolide?

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Hi Linda. MY OPINION ONLY. Personally, had I known about chasteberry to
begin with and understood how it works, I probably would have gone the
chasteberry "route" versus the "pergolide" route first to see if his
numbers would come down with the chasteberry. However, when I first got
the cushings diagnosis I was in a panic and did not do any research.
In the last two months I have done a lot of reading about chasteberry,
and it appears to have the same effect as pergolide. The difference?
About $90 a month for me. A month's worth of chasteberry is about $11.
The pergolide for my horse is $309 for 3 months. I am LUCKY in that
this horse is a shared horse with a friend so we split the costs. Now
my horse's ACTH numbers are up, so I am trying chasteberry instead of
increasing the pergolide dosage. As of Jan. 10 he will be on
chasteberry for 6 weeks, and his ACTH retested, and then I plan on
reporting back to everyone on this board whether or not his numbers are
down, the same, or increased while on the chasteberry. If you "google"
chasteberry and cushings, you will find a lot of helpful information. I
think it also depends on what you are comfortable with. Again, had I
known then what I know now, I would have tried the chasteberry first.
-- Ellen Smith

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