Re: Why not go straight to pergolide?


Did you start with pergolide, then switch to chasteberry? Did his ACTH come down if you did?
Pergolide does not have to cost that much. I pay $50 for 3 months at 1 mg/day. Look in the "files" and you will find tons of information about pergolide - and where to get it cheaply, and how much more effective it has proven to be in controlling cushings. Pergolide is worth every penny, in my opinion, experience, and the experiences of many in this group. Really, go through the files and you'll find lots of us who would use pergolide right from the beginning. Chasteberry USED to be one of very options for these horses, but not anymore!
What are his numbers? Pre-chasteberry? Post-pergolide? Pre-pergolide? Have you posted a case history yet? That would be a great place to start, so we can all see what happens & the gurus can offer guidance re: dosage, etc. Have you started the emergency diet? There is A LOT to do at first, but updating your horse's case history is easy after the initial info input.

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