Re: Why not go straight to pergolide?

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Personally, had I known about chasteberry to
begin with and understood how it works, I probably would have gone
chasteberry "route" versus the "pergolide" route first to see if his
numbers would come down with the chasteberry.
Ellen - FYI, when I found out my gelding tested positive for Cushings,
I did use the CTB first. He shedded out better, seemed better - but
his numbers never came down. If I hadn't retested, I would have
thought it was working great.

The pergolide for my horse is $309 for 3 months.
Agree with Linda - you're paying way too much! Most recent purchase
(for a boarder's horse) was 100 capsules (1.5 mg) for $65.

Vicki Kline

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