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From: jvoutdoorz

I have two options and need to know which is better. I can re-test
sugar, but not a full panel. Should I get First cutting same field or
same cutting across the street. I know my minerals will no longer be
spot on, but I can't afford to start all over. Thanks for the advice.

>>>>First off, don't panic about the supplement. We'll help you work through that. Secondly - can you test both 1st cut same field and 2nd cut across the street for sugar & starch? I'd make a decision based on which one of these is best first. It is absolutely impossible to predict which would be the lowest sugar/starch levels or the closer minerals between the options you've given above.

>>>>First cut will have been cut & dried under completely different weather conditions than second cut. Second cut across the street may have been cut later in the day, may have been cut 3 days later/earlier, may or may not be irrigated & baled the same? Too many variables.

>>>>If I had to "hedge my bets" I'd check out the field across the street IF cutting/baling conditions were close...


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