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It's time for me to let my boy Party go. He's endured enough. The last
2 weeks he's been in a lot of pain and there just isn't a whole heck
of a lot we can do for him any more. It's time for me to realize that
I have exhausted all venues, opinions, suggestions, many were contrary
to the belief of the mainstream horse community, many were against
what most mainstream vets would recommend, but I always went against
the stream, nothing new there.

This summer Party was still galloping around the outdoor arena and
having a good time, he looked amazing and I have photos.

I know part of this latest laminitis episode is to blame on the beet
pulp we fed to him, this beet pulp had us fooled, I always soaked and
rinsed the beet pulp through my washmachine, have done so for a few
years now, this time the beet pulp had something in it that we missed
because we mix sterett pellets into it, otherwise dear old Party boy
wouldn't eat it, the beet pulp pellets didn't dissolve completely and
there was molasses in them, he foundered again. I blame myself because
I feel as though I have become complacent, trusting the manufacture
and my washmashine to remove all that dirt, I always checked to see
that the water rinsed clear, every day I did this, but didn't see the
glued together beet pulp pellets and didn't notice the difference when
mixing the beet pulp with the sterett pellets because they felt just
like pellets.
But his troubles started before then, the second it became colder he
became sore, still manageable, but I have watched him decline rapidly.
It's hard to medicate him because he has severe stomach ulcers, for
the past 2 weeks he's been on Aleve, fastrack, ration plus, tagamet
and liquid antacid. He's belching a lot and doesn't look happy, he
looks very sad. He did nicker for his food today. I started soaking
hay again, my back is killing me, I have 4 herniated discs in my lower
back and severe spinal stenosis, now severe sciatica as well.

I can't continue watching him suffer, I love him too much. It's very
hard to let go, I fear the pain of his loss already, silly season
makes it that much harder because I had a lot of losses in December.
On December 18th was the death anniversary of my mother and my beloved
dog and another dog I deeply cared for, all different years.
I know I haven't been on here at all. Party was maintaining well and I
re-discovered my passion for photography, that's kept me busy all summer.
I am not sure how many people remember Party or me on this list, but I
thought I needed to let everyone know that he won't be with us much
longer. For my youngest son's sake I may have to wait until Wednesday,
my vet is just a phone call away so any time I feel it's necessary
he'll be there to help my wonderful boy cross over to a life of
freedom, pasture grasses and most importantly no more pain!!!

Despite everything, I want to wish everyone a peaceful and healthy
holiday season. Thanks for all who have helped me, supported me and
cared for me and my amazing equine partner when I first arrived on
this list in December of 2003!

Hug your equine friends for me, soon there will be one wonderful soul
less to love and he'll be sorely missed by many!
Dagmar aka Dee and Party my equine soul mate

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