Re: No blood for testing - now what?

Abby Nemec

Suzanne Clothier wrote:
Thank you for the advice. As noted in my original email, one cephalic is thrombosed, and despite clipping and 6-8 sticks, could not get more than 4 mls from the remaining cephalic.
How about using the urinary cortisol:creatinine ratio? Eleanor discussed this some time ago - maybe last March? I tried to search but the archive search server is busy.

My pony Tony is being managed with no bloodwork, by symptoms only. He rears and dives onto anyone who tries to get close to his jugular. Even an IM injection has to be REALLY fast, and we can't get accurate EC/IR bloodwork under sedation.

It's tough, but not too bad in his case because his Cushing's symptoms are very severe and include obsessive itching which is easy to spot, and his IR is pretty well controlled by the Pergolide. He's never yet had a major founder. Have been thinking next spring I'm going to try doing urinary cortisol:creatinine, since peeing is something he does in a very predictable manner.

So yes, it can be done, but I wish I didn't have to.


Abby Bloxsom

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