Re: ontario dehy timothy cubes.

Carol Vincent

Hi Val,
I live in Decatur, IN - I'm fairly new to this group - Can you tell me more about the dehy timothy cubes? I may run into a grass hay shortage and need to have something as a backup - Alfalfa is PLENTIFUL here but I can't feed that to my mare.
you can write me off line also.....
carol n romka

valdavoli <STOMPERX@...> wrote:
hi again.

i am in south bend indiana. if anyone within driving distance of south
bend is interested in joining forces, i think that i can get a local
store to carry this. the store is obviously concerned about getting in
a product and not having consumer support.
i am contacting a person in ft wayne that wanted this, so there are
now 2 of us. if i can call the local store back and say i have 5
people, or ten people etc, they WILL carry this.

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