Re: No blood for testing - now what?

Sandra Su

At 1:02 PM +0000 12/21/07, Abby Bloxsom wrote:
... and we can't get accurate EC/IR bloodwork under sedation.
Why is that? Last test, Penny was sedated, since she, too,
goes into a frenzy when she gets shots. We decided one shot to sedate
her was easier. At the time, I wondered if this would affect her
tests, but I thought I had been told it wouldn't. Now I can't
remember: was it my vet or this list that said so?
I thought of doing this again, but if it skews the results,
there's no point to it. However, if Penny gets worked up over the
blood draws, then won't that raise her ACTH? I hear stress does that.
So, for spring shots and tests, which way is best? If we don't
sedate her, we could do ACTH first. She might not be in such distress
with the first needle, though the mere sight of the vet probably
causes her stress. Even just seeing the vet's truck makes her nervous.
What a problem child I have!

Sandy Su

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