Re: ADM hay replacer

Saucier Kathy

I'm not sure why that file is under safe feeds for IR horses. I hope someone else can answer it. Maybe until tested it should be listed like the other files on feeds (good and bad). But I don't know the answer to that.
As far as testing, go to
I think the one you would run is called Trainer (603). Someone who knows about what to ask for to test a grain or feed hopefully will speak up and either correct or confirm that. The 603 costs $49. I couldn't quickly find how much you send in but I was thinking a couple cups of it. You might call their number on the web site and ask them that question and also they may have a mailer bag to send you to send it in. They did that when I sent in hay years ago. But you don't have to. Just be sure the bag is clean and never had anything in it before to contaminate it.
One thing to remember is that any test run on a feed gives you the figures for that batch. There can be some variation from one batch to another depending on how the individual ingredients are running. Of course unless the company really pursues the end product to be exactly the same each time.

Yes those figures you mentioned are probably from the general analysis like you would find on the bag. Misses a lot of things we are looking for.
Oh and by the way if you only want to know sugar and starch, NSC (or ESC, etc. if they are testing the new way like we have been discussing on the group this year) you can just do that part for a smaller fee. You can even ask them to hold the sample and if you like the sugar and starch numbers and want to use the feed then have them finish out the other testing on it. Their NSC package #644 is $19.

The NFC figure they gave you doesn't make sense. If I have my facts straight, it will always be higher than the NSC and it is hard to get a feed down even to 10% NSC.
And as far as their minerals you or should I say your horse is better off doing your minerals custom. There are several people on here that can help you or pay for a consult with Dr. Kellon, but using the spreadsheet if you are handy with numbers will give you the ability to plug in your hay analysis and your feed analysis to see what is really missing and needs adding. I've not seen a manufactured mineral supplement that exactly matches what a diet is missing. How do they know what your hay will be. Often they won't even come close to some, and too much of another like iron. Then stuff in there you don't even need.

Hope that helps.

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