What is the difference between coastal bermuda and say california bermuda hay?


I thought that the bermuda hay was lower in general, in NSC
content ,that most others. What is the difference between coastal
bermuda and california bermuda? I am new to this and trying to figure
this out. My horse has not been diagnosed with anything yet. It all
started when I adopted 2 preganat PMU mares. My Perch mare kept om
foundering but I also went throguh farriers trying to find one that
would not lame them up. She would founder on and off so I sent her to
live with my friend in the desert that has soft sand and not the hard
dirt we have here.She has been fine at my friends house but she feeds
different than I used to. After I sent her off I started having
problems with her son, but I also was still searching for a good
farrier. I started reading and found the IR thing. I changed his diet
and found a farrier who put pads and shoes on him. Now he is in front
shoes (no pads)only. The farrier said he will try and remove them to
see how he will do without the shoes. My horse has not gone lame
since I started with the new farrier and diet. I am afraid to change
his diet in case that fixed it or maybe it was the farrier. I know I
need him tested but until then. I feed about 9 pounds bermuda and 1
pound oat/alfalfa soaked 2x a day. I also feed beet pulp
(soaked/drained/soaked/drained). I have to use up the hay in the barn
as I do not have anywhere else to store hay and I cant afford to
throw the oat and alfalfa away. I am paying 13 a bale. He was also
very tender footed. All of this coincided with the diet change so I
need to have the blood work done to test him. He has been doing
really well. I am not sure if I have found a good farrier or a good
diet for him. Anyones advice/suggestions would be greatly
appreciated. Also just to let you all know I am a computer dummy and
will probably put messages etc.. where they dont belong. Just let me
know. I just wanted to explain my situation. Thanks.

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