Re: What is the difference between coastal bermuda and say california bermuda hay?

Joan and Dazzle

Hi cindfilou,

Do you have a name that we can call you by? It helps us keep track
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Our list philosophy is DDTEs - diagnosis, low sugar/starch/fat diet,
Trim, and Exercise if they're able.

To really know what's going on, it would be a good idea to test your
horse. You will want a glucose and insulin test from the same blood
draw. We have information in the files that you can print out for
your vet. There is special handling that the vet must be aware of.
Many people on the list have their testing done at Cornell.

It seems like you have a little sticking point on the diet. You
can't know the sugar and starch content of hay just by looking at
it. Bermuda grass can be low in ESC + starch, or not. There are many
things that can stress grass to make it raise it's sugars. Oat hay
frequently is higher in sugars, but again, you won't know until you
test. The hard part is that sometimes the sugar and starch is so
high, that you can't soak enough sugar out of it to make it safe.
The only way to know for sure is to have your hay tested. Many
extension offices have a hay corer that you can borrow. Many of us
on the list use Equi-Analytical for their testing. You would want
the Trainer #603. It's good that you are soaking the hay.

You may also want to increase the amount of r/s/r beet pulp in his
diet. That's really low in sugar and will help the overall sugar
number be lower.

As you know, good farrier care is critical. I'm sure the hoof gurus
will hop in to comment on it.

It sounds like you're on the right track. If I were in your shoes,
the first thing I'd do is test the hay. That way, you'll know
exactly what you're feeding and the risk involved. You will also be
able to see what the mineral imbalances are in the feed and if
that's causing you any problems either.

Glad you're here. I hope that you'll get a case history up when
they're working again.

Joan and Dazzle

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I thought that the bermuda hay was lower in general, in NSC
content ,that most others. What is the difference between coastal
bermuda and california bermuda? I am new to this and trying to
this out. My horse has not been diagnosed with anything yet.

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