Hilton Herballs

Joan and Dazzle

Hi Ethlyn,

I've just heard about them today. They are made from alfalfa, wheat
flour and linseed meal, mixed with garlic, mint, oregano, and
rosemary. I don't know what their ESC+ starch content is. I looked
up wheat in Dairy One's forage library
Wheat = 67% NSC
Wheat bran = 30.8% nsc
Wheat midds = 34.4% nsc

So, although I saw them and thought the description sounded pretty
good, I'd want to see a test done on them before feeding them to my
little IR princess.

Joan and Dazzle

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Hello, Group! I wanted to check in to alert you to a new treat
that I found (new to me anyway)--Hilton Herballs--they're just herbs
in nice little balls (about the size of a walnut) with no sugar, and
the horses like them very, very much!

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