Northern Illinois Feed Dealer


Midland Crossing, Newark, IL opened in April. They are trying to be
open to the needs of their customers; have been trying different brands
and are willing to listen to the needs of their customers. Their
advertising hasn't been that great. They do carry TCSSF but for lack of
interest in the TC brand, it is being removed in favor of Purina.

I talked to Amy today. Her husband is an animal nutritionist and they
test their hay and balance minerals for their livestock. She was
unaware of the potential of selling small amounts to fill our needs or
the market for IR/Cushing horses.

Midland Crossing is located north of Interstate 80 between Joliet and
Ottawa. If anyone is needing TCSSF or need quantities of ODTB or other
brands, please contact Tara or Amy at 815-695-1130.


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