Re: Chasteberry Medical References - Dr Reilly

Nancy C

Hang in there and send me a note.

Dr. Reilly
Dr Reilly --

While we appreciate your input, I need to ask that you do not solicit members to contact
you privately. We all wish to be supportive to members who are dealing with trying times
and you may have been asking that these members keep the list posted for the benefit of
all who wish to learn. If so, that's great. Just hope you could make it a tad clearer in the

As I'm sure you can agree, it's so important that conversations are kept on the list.Over the
years we have learned that there are many, many members who are often in the same
situation who come to a greater understanding from on-line discussions. It is the most
important part of what we do here: providing a place for people to learn and help their

I hope you can appreciate the rationale behind this protocol and can see your way clear to
work with us on this. Thanks in advance for your understanding. I look forward to reading
more here on the list about your methods, cases, problems and successes.

Nancy C
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