Re: Breakthourgh in Insulin Resistance Research

Nancy C

Dr Frank....I've read your web site and you have a few good ideas. Many of them I have
used for years. It would appear that your main message, however, is that the approach we
use here - Diagnosis, Diet, Trim and Exercise (only when ready)- is not enough. Or that it
does not work. That your herbs are the magic answer.

Have I stated your case accurately? If so, we want to hear about miracle products. I
certainly am not shy about spending the bucks to help my horses.

Could you further outline for us some of the cases you site in your marketing?

In order to fairly evaluate, versus the approach on this list, we would need the following:

Details of original diagnosis (specifics of lab work, symptoms, age breed, etc.)
Details of all managment - work load, diet, foot care - before diagnosis and during and
post treatment
Details of treatment
A full time line of the above
Specifics of follow up blood work
Details of follow up post treatment
And a listing of your herbs.

Thanks very much.

Your friendly Hall Monitor

Nancy C In NH

PS Well said Claire!

I think you need to know more about your audience.


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