Re: Lyme testing - Barb

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

No, Cornell hasn't validated it or endorsed it and as you probably know
veterinary diagnostics are not required to have FDA approval. Both
experts and practitioners I've talked to will go as far as "promising",
and that's probably right. No reason it shouldn't work as well as in
any other mammal.

However, the previously quoted sensitivity and specificity figures are
likely not correct. Specificity has been as low as 60% in some human
studies. The 100% sensitivity number comes from a series of 164 bloods
that Idexx ran both the C6 and the Western Blot. The C6 was positive on
3 more samples than the Western blot, which they claim proves 100%
sensitivity but of course they could have been false positives. In
reality it's probably no better than the KELA ELISA Cornell runs, but
it is convenient!


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