Chantilly's new Arthritis medicine

Karen <karen@...>

I just wanted to pass along, for anyone interested, the Chinese Herb
one of her vets has put her on. it is called Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang
from KPC Herbs. I had resorted to Bute to give her relief, but can
only use it for about three or four days because of her kidneys. Dr.
Leslie started her on this last Saturday and she was able to use a
little bute with it until the herbs kicked into action. By Tuesday
she was off Bute and is doing very well. Ofcourse, she is not in
perfect shape, but she feels good is walking around and looks bright.
I think you can only get this through a vet, but I am not sure about

Karen, Chantilly, Tommi and Koko

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