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My Cushings/IR horse developed this sleep deprivation problem when he
contracted Lyme. The vet had no clue what was wrong with him. I came
across the Equus article & it answered a lot of questions I had.

Maybe not directly related to Cushings/IR, but we do seem to have a
significant number of members on the board who's horses subsequently
develop Lyme. Knowledge of a sleep deprivation problem which could
develop from Lyme arthritis could prevent needless testing for
EPM/other neurological issues & a quicker diagnosis of the true


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I recently read an article on this in a horse magazine -- Equus, I
think. Horses were falling asleep on their feet, and owners were
thinking it was some sort of neurological problem when a horse
suddenly stumble and fall. Actually, they found many of these horses
weren't lying down and getting the deep, restful sleep they needed.
This is often caused by a horse having arthritis and being so stiff
the joints it's afraid to lie down. It can also be caused if a horse
nervous and insecure and feels that lying down makes it too
The article said once these horses were enabled to lie down and
they recovered very quickly. Horses can sleep standing up, but they
don't sleep as deeply and restfully as when they lie down, and if
don't get that deeper, restful sleep, they start collapsing --
asleep on their feet.
What does this have to do with Cushing's and IR?
Sandy Su

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