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Abby Nemec

genelegnce@... wrote:
why does everyone on here attack someone who is trying to help even if you think he is wrong--Dr. Reilly--hear him out but don't attack--
This is not an attack, it's a query. BUT, when someone responds to a query with inaccurate, circular logic and refuses to answer questions directly, it make "discussion" impossible.

I just really can't believe the stuff he's posting as NEW. This is all stuff we've had in our protocols for ages. It's great that he says he wants to contribute here, but he's not reading anything.

it is not hurting Dr. Kellon--no one can know it all
Who said it was? I think I was the only one who has actually defended Eleanor in this discussion, and that was really because I know she's insanely busy and is too polite to defend her own financial status when questioned.

Please, Carol - go back and search the archives for contributions from Ian Hudgings from VetPet Solutions. He has contributed immeasurably to the list with his unique information, and we have asked him questions that he has been very helpful in answering. His business has benefited greatly, but we're very happy for him - he has HELPED us, and listened.

Also go back and search for contributions from Dr John Stewart. His website is great - unique, helpful, factual. Not a few pages of stuff that we already know.

Why is Dr Reilly not saying "Wow, you guys really have it going on! Congratulations! Did you know ...?"

Eschew obfuscation.


Abby Bloxsom

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