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why does everyone on here attack someone
Frank Reilly has been given MORE THAN ample opportunity to answer
members' questions,provide proof for his assertions,etc.He has treated
us with unquestionable disrespect by ignoring factual data sent to
him,and insisting on repeating basically the information from his
website,whether it is correct or not.

>who is trying to help even if you think he is wrong--Dr. Reilly-

He,or anyone else, can't help people if his information is
incorrect.He can do substantial damage ,especially to horses whose
owners are uneducated in the art of horse care,and are desperate to
help their partners.

We know where his statements don't hold water,and have backed up our
stand, on numerous posts,Carol.

hear him out but don't attack
He has been heard.

it is not hurting Dr. Kellon
Of course not.That's not the concern.The concern is that we are here
to help our horses.We do that by sorting through the tons of
informatin/products out there to find the best solutions.We are
critical of what we are told because many,many of us have been stung
(big time,in my case)by so-called experts who have done our horse harm.
What's the point in that?

no one can know it all
Absolutely.And the beauty of this List is that we share what we have
found to help our horses and what we have found not to help/do harm.We
have come to these conclusions through careful attention to
detail,record keeping,science and so on.We have hundreds of case
histories to provide patterns for our horses to benefit from.
Eleanor,and others, are fundamental in keeping us on track when our
knowledge is weak,assertions are flimsy.

She,unlike Frank, is not selling product.

But this is not about personalities.
It is abut faulty data.Faulty data which can do damage ,perhaps
serious,to our horses.

I resent that !

And I worry about new members here who might get sucked in by someone
with letters after his name,but who apparently believes what he
believes,period,full stop.
His beliefs,in many instances, can't be substantiated.
And I worry about people who don't have the experience to see that.I
worry about their horses,to be more honest.

Can you believe how FAST list members would be all over him if he were
to present us with proof of some of the stuff he has been saying is

All I can say is that I AM grateful ,in a backdoor sort of way,for
this bizarre encounter because judging from private posts, and the
many very thoughtful,polite,astute posts on the List from people, some
of whom are still struggling with the process, there has been a lot of
learning going on....learning to see when WE are being attacked(to use
our word)with useless information.

Let's get back to what this List is about.There are plenty of other
lists out there with lower standards than this one.


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