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Larson <seahorses3@...>

Carol, once again let me try to explain the facts. Not one single response to his posts has been an attack. Virtually every single one has asked him to present valid, substantiated information. Asking for that is not, repeat, NOT an attack. We have heard him out, to the tune of eighty (count 'em, 80) messages - or more. Every question asked of him is reasonable, especially so from a scientific standpoint, and additionally from the standpoint of this list, which, once again, is "show me the facts."

His cut and paste of his website is not an answer, and referencing previous messages is not an answer when they contained nothing in the way of fact. Countless people have "heard him out" but, frankly, there's little to hear. His "new" information has been available to this list for months, if not years, his magic potion has no studies. 5 horses do not a study make, nor "thousands" of doses with no groundwork - did you read the message from Kathleen Gustafson? Read it, and learn how a study is conducted, what the criteria are for validation.

This is the second post from you touting Dr. Reilly. Do you have a connection with him? Do you sell his products? I am only five years older than you are, and am surprised that you have not developed a more critical (more discerning) eye, which is why I question whether there is some connection.

Carol in Maine

At 06:40 PM 1/11/2008, you wrote:

why does everyone on here attack someone who is trying to help even if you
think he is wrong--Dr. Reilly--hear him out but don't attack--it is not hurting
Dr. Kellon--no one can know it all
love to you all

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