Re: soaked hay and coughing and poo.

valdavoli <STOMPERX@...>

i am going to bring this strange question back up. below is the
same experience i had this summer while soaking his hay.

so now, i have come full circle: for the past week of soaking his
hay, his poop is "dryer and smaller balls" again.
yesterday, i substituted the ODTC for half his hay. today i'm
noticing that his poop is larger, moister and a different color.
i guess i am being anal (LOLOL sorry) but after his colic at
Christmas.... has anyone else noticed their horses poo change with
soaked hay?

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i have noticed a couple problems with soaking hay.

first, when he eats soaked hay, his poop is dryer and in smaller
i believe this is because soaking leaches fiber from the hay? so
system uses his "body water" to aid in pooping? however, with
hay, he does not drink more water: even when his IR symptoms were
most pronounced, he did not drink large amounts. he has always
a stall pig, his stall was always wet. with soaked hay, he does
seem to pee as much either: again pointing to his fluids being
to aid with poop....?

second: with soaked hay, he coughs a LOT while eating and after.
almost as if the hay is getting stuck in his throat. i will have
vet out to check his teeth, but they were just done one year ago.

if i give him unsoaked hay, his poop is normal, his pee is normal
he does not cough.

anyone else experience this?

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