Strongid C 2X question

Dawn Wagstaff

Hi everyone,
I have tried searching the internet, The Horse, and some other vet
references regarding Strongid and find either information from Pfizer
(not independent) or blogs, articles, etc. claiming that Strongid C
2X causes everything from rough coats to death to horses.

I am considering putting my precushings mare and a stallion I own
who has chronic diarreah on Strongid C 2X, with the accomapanying
purge Ivermectin and Tape wormers at the appropriate times. The mare
has a sluggish immune system, although she is on Evitex and has been
doing well this winter.
The ten year old stallion is not cushingoid, or IR, but has had
chronic diarreah that I have tried just about everything to resolve.
He is wormed every 8 weeks, gets little oil(vit E only), has been on
a 1 week on 3 week off Psyllium regimen, has been administered
Biosponge, receives very little sugar, is on 7.4% NSC hay, 2lbs of
Progressive pellets a day and lives with two mares with 24/7
turnout. His manure is more often than not soft, and turns really
sloppy and mushy with any kind of weather change or stress(Mare in
heat, etc.)He holds his weight well, coat is soft and shiny, good
appetite, etc. He is the one out of my herd who has occasionally
tested positive before worming for small strongyles.He has tested
negative for salmonella.
I tried 5 day panacurs last fall, made a short term difference. He
is a sensitive soul, although not nervous or upset. My vet has said
not to worry about it unless he stops eating or drinking, or
diarrhea becomes bloody, mucousy, etc. But I tend to always keep
searching for solutions and thought maybe this one might work, but
the hysterics online from some people regarding daily wormers made
me want more info and I can't find it.
Any advice or info would be appreciated.
Dawn Wagstaff

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