Re: I need help for my foundering horse...

Mandy Woods

Hi Cindy,
I'll add a comment to Joan's response. LMF feed is high in iron and can worsen IR (if she's IR) I know you said your vet bills are growing so when you can squease in a blood test get INSULIN and GLUCOSE from the same draw. That will diagnosis if she has IR.
Please r/s/r the plain shredded beet pulp even if it says plain. Get her diet down to zero sugar/starch as best you can - then you can add things back in slowly. NO GRAZING! Just soaked hay and r/s/r BP and minerals...the Temporary Diet. Do you know what triggered this? Tell us more about this horse. Yes, she could be abscessing. Hot water/espsom salts and soak!
Mandy and Asher in VA

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