Re: Penny's getting a cold

Wendy Golding

SandraSu –

We had a cold-type disease go through our gelding pasture (about 17 horses)
September to November. It would start with a cough then move on to
green/yellow mucus from the nose, and fevers. Start taking her temp before
you ride. They told us that if it was over 101°, then to call the vet. The
vet came out and gave antibiotic shots and left the owner with more shots to
give – I think it was about 7 total shots, but I might be wrong. Anyway, we
were all taking temps every day of all the geldings and everyone was
watching them closing. Of course we were “quarantined” to their pasture and
had to tack up away from the common staging area. Ended up only about 6 or
7 got sick. By the way, Penny’s temp will be higher after a ride. With our
recent Michigan temps going up and down, I noticed a few horses coughing
yesterday, but not excessively.

Wendy (& Rudy)


Subject: [EquineCushings] Penny's getting a cold

Penny's coming down with a cold. Yesterday when I was at the barn, I
noticed her coughing.

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