Re: Sleep deprivation, Was: Other matters

J Amick

Just recently I read an article about the outbreak of type 2 diabetes
in humans being in
astronomical numbers and this was brought on by sleep deprivation.
Well guess what?
Your reading a post from one! All along I've encouraged that the
lyme disease
was creating many other problems like the IR in our horses. Till the
day I die I will
say this, as I saw first hand what the lyme can do to push horses into
Cushings, IR and
iron overload, and most of these created laminitis.
I use sawdust and pine shavings in my stalls and I noted years ago of
who laid down flat out to get restful sleep, and who just stood up to
"sleep". The
shavings told the story.

jtb14789 wrote:

My Cushings/IR horse developed this sleep deprivation problem when he
contracted Lyme. The vet had no clue what was wrong with him. I came
across the Equus article & it answered a lot of questions I had.

Maybe not directly related to Cushings/IR, but we do seem to have a
significant number of members on the board who's horses subsequently
develop Lyme.


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