Beauty (in IN) Hoof Pics

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I posted some pics of Beauty's hooves. The new ones are dated 0108 &
are not the greatest. She is very sore on her front & back end. A
couple months ago she was resting her right rear hoof more than
normal, was stocking up on that lower leg, & that hoof had some pink
on the hoof wall (bruising?). How that fits in I don't know but
the majority of the hindend soreness has to be coming from the front
hoof pain. She has the
red "squigglies" around her white line on both fronts. I had trimmed
back her toes between farrier visits(mid Dec) & this didn't help the
discomfort. She had been
standing with her front legs (from the front) coming down towards each
other, like a V shape. Her trim on Jan 3 helped that some but not
totally. She has been wearing Equine Slippers with Hoof Trax pads at
night. When I took those off in the mornings, the compression showed
the majority of weight bearing was on her heels. This last trim was
the first by a new farrier. I don't know if she's hurting (& the
damage) is from an
injury (too much running in some deep soft snow) or it's mechanical or
if it's metabolic. The new farrier commented on knowing how the trim
worked when he comes back in 4 weeks. In the meantime, I'm
frustrated. If anyone has comments on the trim I would appreciate any

Terrie & Beauty (in IN)

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