Re: Is Fasting standard procedure for blood draw?

Mandy Woods

No Kerrie,
We don't advise fasting for any of the tests. For the ACTH test you want to keep her very happy, quiet and unstressed as possible to get the best reading. Have the ACTH pull first. Feed soaked hay or her regular low nsc meal. Maybe you should print off the Cornell instructions on handling the ACTH blood. You want to use a chilled purple top tube and have it centerfuged within 1-3 hours of the draw. This blood needs to be kept chilled for transport. You might take a small bucket of ice with you incase your vet doesn't think about that. The important thing on this test is the handling from the draw. If you vet has other calls to make, YOU offer to drive the chilled blood sample to the vets office for spinning! Freeze the plasma immediately.
This all sounds like a lot of work but it really isn't once you do it. You just have to get your ducks in a row! Many vets don't want to do this test because of this....
Did you already get the insulin/glucose?

Mandy and Asher in VA

My vet is doing another blood draw to send off for the ACTH and I also want her to do a complete blood panel. The first sample was "lost in shipment on it's way to Phoenix." Anyway, the vet has asked me to have Twitter fast before the blood draw. Just making sure this is standard procedure.

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