Re: Penny's getting a cold

Sandra Su

At 9:39 PM +0000 1/13/08, Wendy Golding& Amberlee answered my question.
Thanks. I will take her temp., which I was going to do the other day,
but having recently bought a digital thermometer and not knowing how
to use it, I got instructions from someone at the barn, and then it
got too busy. I want to do it at a time when Penny can stand quietly
in the cross ties.

Today I rode for a short time. She's sound, in spite of my farrier's
fears about the rim pad. She coughed a little when I started
trotting, but it didn't seem even as bad as yesterday when the
farrier was here and she was merely standing in the cross ties. Also,
there was only a small amount of mucus in her nostrils. I went easy
on her, only riding a short time and mostly at a walk. She took issue
with a corner of the ring where there were 2 blue barrels. The last
time she was there, there was only 1 blue barrel, so of course, the
addition of another barrel made that corner very suspicious. So we
walked in circles passing those fearsome barrels till they became
boring. Then we did it in the other direction. That was the bulk of
our ride.

It'll be quieter tomorrow in the middle of the day, being a weekday,
so that'll be the perfect time for temperature taking.

One more question: this thermometer doesn't have a place to attach a
string. The woman who helped me figure out how to operate it
suggested wrapping a small rubber band tightly around the end and
using that to attach a string. Would that be secure enough? Do I even
need one, since this thermometer is wedge-shaped, with the wide end
the part I hold? You can see I'm not used to this kind of
thermometer, having always used the old-fashioned kind that's a glass
tube with mercury.

Now, for all those laughing their heads off at my ineptitude, I admit
that I'm not mechanically inclined. So, take heart, newbies who have
never cored your hay yet. I mastered that, and if I can do it, you
can, too!


Sandy Su

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