Shubert - any ideas?

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My horse has been greatly improving since early June when I became a member of this
group and took charge of dealing with his obvious IR condition and now known Cushings.
I have been riding him maybe once a week, mostly walking for a few miles and he has
been booted. These last few months has been a real learn as you go experience but I
believe the horse is improving. I have seen improvement from where he would walk on the
gravel and larger stone in the barnyard and just about fall down, to where he has been
trotting over the same area without batting an eye. Last week I was so thrilled because on
Sunday, I rode him BAREFOOT and he felt fine. We only went for a walk, for about 45
minutes covering less than 4 miles, on all types of footing; Rooty trails through the
woods, shale, leafy muddy soft areas and macadam. I was so thrilled I just jumped for joy
and he was a very happy horse.

On Tuesday I noticed he was not as comfortable walking around even in the soft muddy
paddock. He was still pretty much willing to walk with me, so I tried to walk him 1/2 mile a
day, on my macadam road(all I have time for). Today, I booted him and took him out on
the trail and while he was cutting up on some hills, he was not 100% comfortable. Rode
for about 1.5 hours, mostly walking.

I don't jump in here too often. But I see that it is an opening for many people to
brainstorm with me, so I will do so now. Shubert's history was posted to the website n
June. I also have had the good fortune to talk to Vicki Kline a lot and she does try to give
me good ideas and things to think about. In fact, she did question me the other night
about the possibility of an abscess. I did not have testers, but I did not think he had one.
My trimmer should be out this week so I will have her take a close look too. The
temperatures have gone up drastically this week from where they were the previous week.
While Shubie's paddock is mostly dirt, I did see the slightest green fuzz on top of the mud,
He had a slight backslides in the middle of Dec due to grass, even though by all counts it
should have been dead. He did not develop any lameness, just that his crest got very hard
and slightly larger. Now, the crest is about the same size as in Dec and a slight bit softer.
So I wonder if he nibbled this almost not there grass and it caused a reaction again, just
slightly different than the last one.

I am hardly in an emergency mode at this point, but I was so surprised at the big
difference between Sunday and Tuesday…and well, the rest of the week. Any thoughts. I
don't want to take up too much room here so I will let you respond with ideas/questions
and then I can fill in the blanks. Thanks in advance for your help.

Becci and Shubert.

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