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From: Sandra Su

One more question: this thermometer doesn't have a place to attach a
string. The woman who helped me figure out how to operate it
suggested wrapping a small rubber band tightly around the end and
using that to attach a string. Would that be secure enough? Do I even
need one, since this thermometer is wedge-shaped, with the wide end
the part I hold? You can see I'm not used to this kind of
thermometer, having always used the old-fashioned kind that's a glass
tube with mercury.


LOL - okay, I did have some visuals after Mandy and her comments - so I must stop giggling & write seriously.

Honestly, I have been very lucky to have quiet horses for those that have needed a rectal temp done. I would suggest you have someone help you by standing at her head, do not tie her. Use some lubricant before inserting the thermometer. The great thing about digitals is they do not take nearly the time as the old fashioned kind and I always stand and hold the thermometer until it beeps. However, if you are more comfortable - by all means do the elastic and clip idea....but definitely have someone to help you with this procedure.

I have to tell you, we take care of our neighbours aged cat (14 years old) and on a recent visit to the vet with diagnosis of diabetes, the vet was quite stunned to tell me that this is the first cat in his 20+ years of practise to purr with a thermometer up his - so you may get lucky :)

Do take a temperature though - it is the best way to assess the seriousness of the flu. Nothing that EC List will not help & support an owner with huh...LOL


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