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She's a Nevada Butte Mustang and think she's been getting too much of
her meadowgrass (low carb) hay without soaking. We'd let her out of
her pen in the AM before going to work and she probably ate leftover
scraps of the orchard grass hay. She was eating 2nd cutting orchard
grass mix for years and only since we got this last hay it was too
hot (guy loaded it with fertilizer) so think that's what did it. I
think the meadowgrass is low enough in sugar (just sent it in to have
it tested) but think she needs to be limited on the amount.

She's on the LMF NSC feed which is low carb and only gets 16 oz - 2
times a day. Both of her vets said when she's getting soaked hay
she's losing a lot of nutrients and they want her to get a balance
for the time being. She's on a dry lot so there's no grazing. She did
get her insulin and glucose tested and got the results back -- way
too high but it was right after she'd been getting into the other
hay, I think. She's on a strict diet and losing weight -- doing good
but just very tender in her feet and especially her rear feet now.

No sign of abscessing just sore on her right rear toe where the
coffin bone is. She is moving around a bit better today but these
things take time. She hasn't had any sugar of any kind for 2.5 months.

Thanks for the tips...a gal who's a part of this group uses the same
farrier/vet as I do and she gave me a pair of soft ride boots to use.
I tried emailing her but it got kicked back. Thanks, Karen!! She's a
lot more comfy.


Hi Cindy,
I'll add a comment to Joan's response. LMF feed is high in iron
and can
worsen IR (if she's IR) I know you said your vet bills are growing
so when
you can squease in a blood test get INSULIN and GLUCOSE from the
same draw.
That will diagnosis if she has IR.
Please r/s/r the plain shredded beet pulp even if it says plain.
Get her
diet down to zero sugar/starch as best you can - then you can add
back in slowly. NO GRAZING! Just soaked hay and r/s/r BP and
minerals...the Temporary Diet. Do you know what triggered this?
Tell us
more about this horse. Yes, she could be abscessing. Hot
salts and soak!
Mandy and Asher in VA

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