Re: Penny's getting a cold

Wendy Golding

Sandra Su-

Don't feel bad, I asked the exact same questions my first time. If Penny's
got a cold, it sounds like a minor one. That's exactly they way Rudy acted
during the epidemic - no fever, a little cough occasionally and just a
little mucus. Anyway, I did not tie a string to it. I just held on to it.
The digital ones have their own count down system. Stand to the side of her
rump and move the tail away from you. I put antibiotic lubricant gel on the
end of the meter and gentle pushed it in about 2 inches and just held it
there until the thing beeped that it was done. I read the meter and then
cleaned it with an antibiotic wipe and put it in it's little case until the
next use. Talk to her the whole time so she hears your voice. Good luck!

Wendy G.


Subject: [EquineCushings] Re: Penny's getting a cold

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