Re: Blood pressure project - equipment suggestions?


Any of the cuff ones that work on AA batteries are OK.? What you need to do is take your pressure with the one at home a few times? and then have your doctors office, (this is free at most clinics) take it and see if the two times are near each other.? This will tell you if your macnine is accurate or not. This is what I have my clients do..............Kathi

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I am game for this project, and should be monitoring my own blood pressure (probably) so I am willing to invest in some equipment. From first aid classes I have taken, I know how to take it but I also know I can't hear well I am considering one of the automatic ones.

Looking over a website such as Walgrens Drug Store chain,....
I know the wrist ones don't work - I have friends that have given me stern warnings about them.
I did see several that run on AA batteries, which would be great when you are attaching the cuff to a horse's tail.

Any suggestions?

Carlynne Allbee and Patience

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