Hello from SC

Anne M. Clarkson <katzpa92@...>

Hello, I am new to the list and just wanted to wave hello from sunny South
Carolina (we are recovering from a drought the hottest year since 1955).
I own 10 horses, six miniature horses, two draft, one Tennessee Walker and
one Spotted Saddle horse. My Percheron, a 20 year old we rescued and just
got, we believe has Cushings. Though she does not appear to have any
problem with her feet she has a terrible problem with a curly coat and
itching. Next month when the vet comes out we will have her tested and go
from there. Right now she is settled into a new home and loving the idea
that she in not on her way to the meat packing plant in Canada.

We will be posting some pictures and other information about her on the site
ASAP, in the mean time if anyone out there has a big draft with Lamintits or
the curly coat condition I would love to hear from you and pick your brain.


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