Re: Shubert - any ideas?

Joan and Dazzle

Hi Becci,

Sorry to hear that Shubert isn't as comfortable as he was. It's
amazing at how fast they can become sore and lose progress that
we've taken months to achieve.

My guess is the grass. "Dead" or "Almost Dead" grasses have some of
the highest NSC values. The plant needs to store up a ton of sugar
to make it through the winter and to re-grow in the spring.
Additionally, spring growth (or winter spurts)are also known to be
high in sugar.

My suggestion would be a sealed grazing muzzle. No grazing at all.

My next suggestion would be to get him back into boots since he's
obviously uncomfortable.

Have a read over at - they have pdf
under "articles" on "dead" grass. It's very enlightening.

With the backsliding, I'd probably want to soak the hay - just to
help him out and reduce the sugars.

My suggestion would be to re-focus on the diet to get it lower in
sugar and starch.

Joan and Dazzle

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While Shubie's paddock is mostly dirt, I did see the slightest
green fuzz on top of the mud,
He had a slight backslides in the middle of Dec due to grass, even
though by all counts it
should have been dead.

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