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Carlynne Allbee

If you want a fly spray from natural products, look into Larry's Horse Spray....Yes, it really is Larry's and is available from a lot of sources. I have used it, love it, and since it is based on marigolds, ..well, anyway, I like it. It is meant for flying insects, and you spray it on the horse. you can use it on dogs also. One website that carries it says "Tried and true here at Long Riders Gear, we have found Larry’s to work well against our local ticks and other pests"

Active Ingredients: Citronella Oil (2.5%), Cedar Oil (1.5%), Pepperment Oil (0.54%), Rosemary Oil (0.3%), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (0.68%), Potassium Sorbate (0.25%)

Inert Ingredients: Purified Water, White Mineral Oil, Xantham Gum, Cottonseed Oil, Soybean Oil.

It is concentrated so you dilute it with 5 parts water to 1 part Larry's.

While I have met Larry, and he is a real person, I don't own any stock in the company and won't even get a free bottle if you buy it. Just wanted to share something that might help you folks with our horses.

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