Re: Penny's getting a cold

Sandra Su

At 3:46 AM +0000 1/14/08, Amberlee wrote:
Honestly, I have been very lucky to have quiet
horses for those that have needed a rectal temp
done. I would suggest you have someone help you
by standing at her head, do not tie her.
I've taken Penny's temperature before,
and she's fine in the cross ties. She really
doesn't mind, and she stands very well in the
cross ties. How I do it is to cross tie her, then
when I insert the thermometer, I stay back there
and hold it till it's ready to come out. I've
done it before with the old-fashioned
thermometer, so the digital should be a piece of
My problem isn't how to take her
temperature, it's what to do with a new,
unfamiliar piece of equipment. I'm so
mechanically challenged, it's a wonder I can
drive a car. Sometimes I have trouble opening my
door with the key!

At 3:46 AM +0000 1/14/08, Rita Lockridge wrote:
It’s so small, a little lube (or spit) will be
plenty to get it in and you are off!
I use spit. It works just fine, it's
readily available, warm, it's free, and there's
less to handle than if I use a jar of vaseline or

I usually don’t turn mine on until I’m in the
rectum, since it may take a reading too low
outside the body.
Thanks! Using a digital for the first
time, that's the kind of advice I need.
OK, I know this is off topic, so I won't post about it anymore.

Sandy Su

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