Re: Coastal Blend and West Coast Hay

Cindy McGinley

"Anne M. Clarkson" <katzpa92@...> wrote:

Okay, huge duh here, thanks Cindy, so what you are saying is that it isn't
that she got it because of what she ate but what she is eating can make it
worse. Did I get that right?

What she eats can make her *Insulin Resistance* worse, if she has that as well. And yes, Cushings and IR often go hand-in-hand, so most of us also give our Cushings horses an IR diet. But, only the recommended blood work will tell you definitively if she has either or both. So to be on the safe side before the bloodwork, we usually start everyone on the emergency diet right away.

No worries. Learning is an adventure. :-)

- Cindy and Alf (and entourage) in NY
(Off to dance class now)

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