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Your post drives home the fact (which we are aware of on this list)
that horses evolved to extract nutrition out of fairly poor fodder..
and that fed like cows- and kept confined- isn't the best thing for

The latter part of your post ( hindgut microbial populations ) has
been of great interest to me lately- because after 40 years with
horses- I have my first (real) pony - even though he's 15:2

He's never had sweet feed ( his pic is in the files at 3 YO ) in his
life. He's 6 now - and when he hit 5 YO he started to gain weight
(calaories wern't going into growing anymore) and his G;I ratio was a
warning I already was heeding.

I have been able to keep him pastured in summer (he's a very high
energy horse - Ooops pony) and he get's plenty of exercise. during
summer I have him on Uckele's EQ and he gets low sugar hay in winter
and a mic os TC lite and Blue Seal Carb Guard. He's happy.

His poop looks and smells different in summer. (I don't mean the
normal changes between hay and grass- this is something different I
can't put my finger on) I haven't decided if thats a good or bad
thing yet- but I don't know what it should be different. I think it
has to do with the flora...

So. Thanks for that link.


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wrote IN PART:
Plus a comparison between light horse breeds and feral horses hindgut
micorbial populations;


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