Re: Coastal Blend and West Coast Hay

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Whoa!! No wonder you folks out west are having so many problems with the
diet control.
Well, I'm way out west as well. Just about everyone I know feeds a
grass - timothy, orchard or meadow. Some buy an alf/grass mix, and a
few stick only with alf - mostly because it's cheaper than grass.
(Grass is $20.25 a bale now). Feed stores stay busy selling lots of
specialty bagged feeds. When I boarded, there was the tendency to
feed whatever someone else was feeding by way of specialty feeds
because you wanted to always be feeding the best...not realizing it
might not be the best for your horse.

But our growing conditions seem to ensure a higher than desired ESC +
starch situation. Clouds in the summer? Rain? Cool days? Nope...


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