Re: Glucosamine, Was: is this diet ok

Erin R. <figure1789@...>

After reading archived posts, it seemed to me that a lot of people were
giving their horses "Equi-Flex," because it contained only the chondroiten
(sp.?) sulfate. Glucosamine is/was to be avoided.

I just switched to the Equi-flex, and was feeding the Corta- Flex pellets.
But the pellets have some no- no's in them, like yucca, msm, alfalfa and I
think- molasses. (Could be wrong on the molasses.)

I've been interested in these joint supps. for years. I've read articles
which state that either the glucosamine sulfate or chondroiten sulfate are
the preferred forms given. Just which one of them is better than the other
is still debated.

Erin and Nick, Ohio

equi- flex link

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