Re: Can you please look at my photo album?

Abby Nemec

Cindy L. McGinley wrote:
"luckycharmfarm" <LuckyCharmFarm@...> asked:

i just wonder about that stance? the rounded rear end and tucked in?
is that a laminitis stance or am i just paranoid (a little knowlege
is a bad thing!).
I went and looked again because I thought in the first pictures she wasn't standing that way, and I wasn't nuts after all: it doesn't look to me that she was standing that way in the pictures where she's dry (or the first wet picture). I thought she was standing like that because she was cold from being wet (and her hooves are long). She does look quite post-legged behind, which combined with the length of hoof may be contributing to that under stance.
I think Cindy's right - I do think that stance is related to the shape of her hind feet. She is a little steep in the croup and straight in the hind leg, so she does stand a little under herself behind with her long toes behind. Already being steep/straight behind gives her no place to go w/a long toe - she has to tuck under. Then, she gets wet & a little "goosey" & ends up standing all way under herself. Those feet need some serious work, but she looks happy & in good flesh.


Abby Bloxsom

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