Re: Evitex AND Pergolide? REPOST

Abby Nemec

mannequin2d wrote:

to price? Would anyone be able to advise me why the liquid would be
much more expensive? Thank you, Wendy.

I do believe the liquid is a standardized extract, but I'm not sure. At the very least I'm sure it's mostly cost of processing, packaging, marketing. Happens with everything - the smaller the operation & market, the greater the markup. Also the more people who have their hands on something, the more it costs.

Go from raw herb to standardized extract, bottle it, ship it to the tack shop or catalog warehouse, ship it to you ... everyone needs to make a little something (usually a minimum of 30% for each stop en route) to pay Uncle Sam and the people who open the boxes.


Abby Bloxsom

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