Re: Shredded Beet Pulp without molasses

PCfarm <pecciefarm@...>

Ute, some of us have found that if our feed store can get it with molasses, their supplier can get it for them without molasses. Retailers just don't like to carry it until they have a market for it. You may have to become a pest, beg, whine, whatever. If you can get together with others in your area who want it the store my go ahead and order it "one time" just to see if it sells. Or, if you can afford it and have enough storage space, have them special-order a whole pallet of bags for you--assuming your horse(s) will eat it, of course.
Linda in NC

I can get pelleted without molasses here, but so far not the shredded
kind, which I would prefer.The shredded variety available here is
doused with molasses.


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