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Could be:

Glucose tolerance test - instead get glucose and insulin from the

Dexamethazone suppression test - instead get ACTH

Cortisol - instead get ACTH

Ring any bells?

Kathleen (KFG in KCMO)
thanks to all for info- almost rings a bell. But creates more
I am a vet nurse of too many years- but deal with "smallies" &
reptiles- & I understand the concept...but.....I got one of our nice
vets to ring the lab as the pathologists bamboozled me- & she was
told that testing for insulin resistance ( via pathologist from
Iddexx labs - Oz) said that it is a very involved test- they've never
done it & it would be costly & the accuracy isn't good. They would
need blood every 15 mins for 3 hours. Mind you this was the dog
protocol - which we are well adversed to, & they didn't have one for
horses but said it was the same?- This can't be right. I must not be
asking correctly for what I want. Is someone able to put words into
my mouth?
Jack is not IR as far as I am aware & after studyong these files for
so long, just about every horse I see now has "issues"- but I would
like to know where we stand
Regarding ACTH stimulation testing- I read in our files that it
requires a single blood draw- yet to do one here it requires 2 blood
draws - take the first blood- inject a product called Synacthen &
then take another blood 1 hour after.- Again a dog protocol- but was
told that this is what is done in horses or the low dose dex test-
which they do have a horse protocol for- there is NO way I am going
I do have a horse vet from another practice who is right into this &
gave her last lecture on Cushings- however, she has been away & I'd
rather ask dumb questions to you guys( no one can see me) & then
sound confident when I discuss it with colleagues!!

much thanks
pauline & jack

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