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Could be:

Glucose tolerance test - instead get glucose and insulin from the
vets to ring the lab as the pathologists bamboozled me- & she was
told that testing for insulin resistance ( via pathologist from
Iddexx labs - Oz) said that it is a very involved test- they've
never done it & it would be costly & the accuracy isn't good. They
would need blood every 15 mins for 3 hours. Mind you this was the
dog protocol - which we are well adversed to, & they didn't have one
for horses but said it was the same?- This can't be right. I must
not be asking correctly for what I want. Is someone able to put
words into my mouth?
Jack is not IR as far as I am aware & after studyong these files
so long, just about every horse I see now has "issues"- but I would
like to know where we stand
Regarding ACTH stimulation testing- I read in our files that it
requires a single blood draw- yet to do one here it requires 2
blood draws - take the first blood- inject a product called
Synacthen & then take another blood 1 hour after.- Again a dog
protocol- but was told that this is what is done in horses or the
low dose dex test- which they do have a horse protocol for- there is
NO way I am going there..
I do have a horse vet from another practice who is right into this
& gave her last lecture on Cushings- however, she has been away &
I'd rather ask dumb questions to you guys( no one can see me) & then
sound confident when I discuss it with colleagues!!

much thanks
pauline & jack
Maybe contact Dr Monique Robinson BVMS (Hons)
edgefarm @ aapt . net . au (take the spaces out!)
She states she only has information on WA but expect the other states
would be similar.There are 2 laboratories in WA, Vetpath and Murdoch
University.They can test endogenous ACTH, glucose, insulin, throid
panels and triglycerides.
No Australian lab that can test iron panels as yet. I am looking into
whether this may be possible via USA (c/- Vetpath labs) and am
working with the pathologist there to this end. All vets in WA can
send blood to Vetpath Laboratories. If anyone has trouble in WA they
can contact me and I will arrange blood testing for them via Vetpath.
Hay testing / Feed testing in general is not done alot yet in
Australia.Only 1 lab in NSW (University of New England) can test NSC
levels. They have to run these in single batches... the cost is
phenomenal!!. It is suggested the best way to get hay tested here in
Australia is to contact your local Kentucky Equine Research
representative (Toll Free : 1800 772 198 or Website www "dot"
ker "dot" com You collect your hay sample and send to them and they
have arrangement with Equi-Analytical in USA, they send it off for
you and then contact you with results all for the very low price of
$50 Australian dollars. Ask for the trainer #603 profile.
The WA rep's name is Cilla Kuiper.
Hope this helps.

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