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Hi Pauline
our pergolide has a "syrup" base of now I am going to question- &
a longish (6mths) use by date.
Cause for concern?
Yes, two weeks is the standard as it loses its strenght after that.
you purchase the powdered this is 6 months, or the tabs. Check the
files for who sells Pergolide. Also type in for information on
Pergolide. Ian has written some wonderful articles on this exact
concern. Also if I.R. a concern syrup is not a good choice and very
exspensive in comaprison to the powdered beside expiry date issues.
I thought it might be the water based that there were issues with?
I do now have access to a compound pharmacist( again in Vic) that I
am going to check with- I still have 2 bottles of pergolide to get
through & at the moment (touch wood) Jack is the best he has ever
been. & one day I will attempt to fill in a file.
thanks again
Pauline & Jack

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